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What if the only safe place in the world for an escaped slave was in a king’s harem?

The warlord has found me. Nowhere is safe. 

A human with a heart condition stranded on a planet full of powerful shapeshifters

The accidents that keep happening might not be accidental, and now my kidnapper is my bodyguard

I’ve lost my memories; but only the ones related to these three guys. Why do they look at me like I’m something to eat?

I’m having hot dreams about a guy who’s not my boyfriend. They’re just dreams right? That’s what I thought, until he turned up as the new student at the academy.

Tears of Fire: Coming Soon

Fantasy MM romance novella collection.

7 stories by 7 bestselling authors

Contains The Hunted Prince, prequel to the In the King’s Hands series

Fate wants me dead. I won’t allow that.

About the Author

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Sierra Knoxly lives a double life. By day she is the reserved mom of young children where adventure means a walk to the park or trip to the local pool. Once night falls and the cherubs are tucked into bed, Sierra dons armour (and amor) and rides a dragon into battle. She rains chaos down on her characters like an avenging angel of old and shoots their hearts with cupid’s bow.

Her love of mythical beasts and magic began at a young age when she once had an imaginary Pegasus friend. Her gentle nature and fiery imagination leads to all around fictional steam. She lives with a mild fear that one day she’ll get a knock at the door from the authorities come to ask about her questionable browser history – all for writing research.

When not writing or momming, Sierra loves bringing plants home to die and reading a reverse harem novel under a warm blanket.

Sierra writes reverse harem and poly fantasy romance novels.

What readers are saying

"If you're looking for true poly extreme steam in a magical high fantasy setting with fast-burn MM, FF & plenty of twisty angst, then you're going to LOVE this book. Sierra Knoxly has just become my new must-buy author!"
Laura Navarre
Award-winning author
(Book: Ambience)
"Poly reverse harem romance with unique relationships, the most amazing spice, and gripping plotlines."
Becky James
USA Today Bestselling author
(Book/s: Tears of the Heart series)
"Clear your schedule, you won’t want to be interrupted!! Excellent read, detailed visual descriptions, character growth is natural and smooth!! I’m dying that I have to wait for the next book! This isn’t an awful cliff hanger though, it’s the happy ever after with a storm on the horizon!"
Maureen Clark
(Book: Ambience)
"This book has EVERYTHING I could ever want; intoxicating chemistry, danger, fiery passion, sweetness, laughter and nail-biting suspense. Ambience has captivated me in the most painfully beautiful way possible and I absolutely can’t wait for more!!!"
Becca P
(Book: Ambience)
This first book in a new series, by a new author, was very well written. With plenty of action, spice, plot, character building and a bit of high fantasy background I flew through it in less than a day."
(Book: Ambience)
"Ambience is a wonderfully written story with funny and relatable characters. The world Knoxly has created has elements of mystery and enchantment that go along beautifully with the aspects of love and steamy romance. You won’t be disappointed with this book!"
Jessie P
(Book: Ambience)

As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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